Winstrol for sprinters

Your purpose for taking clen in this case is not to lose weight.. it is very beneficial for your breathing which is a biggy for any sprinter or endurance runner. 20-40mcg of clen and you will notice a difference in your breathing a few hours after dosing plus it is a great stimulant.. so if you take this make sure your not drinking caffeine or anything that day.. the clen is enough .. BBers and other taking it to lose weight go over 100mcg which I find is over kill even for weight loss.. I would keep your test to 125-150 a week.. Your goal isn't to bulk up and that is more than enough for a sprinter.. winny start with 20-30mg your first week.. See how it treats you and slowly work yourself up to 50mg..

ok. Seems like you don't know a lot about these steroid things. So I am going to give you a "quicky".
There aren't any steroids that are sport specific -good for sprinters not good for pumpkin carvers. The drugs that you are looking at possess certain properties that do not bulk or bloat people. Which is why they are used in strength sports where excess weight or size is not desired, but increased speed, recovery, and strength is. (for anyone that wants to debate that nanadrolone or boldenone are specific for endurance atheletes due to increased hematopoesis ... go argue to someone else)
ummm .. where was I? So the orals that you are looking at are:
Anavar(Oxandrolone)- 3week clearance
d-bol(Methandrostenolone)- 5-6week clearance
winstrol(stanozolol)- 3week clearance,
are all going to show up on a drug test if you are not outside the clearance time ... they are ALL easily testable.
What else? Oh, where to get steroids? Where is the best source? No one will tell you that because steroids are illegal. And giving explicit information on how to commit illegal actions is not going to happen, even on an internet board.
Oh, I didn't give you dosage protocols because it is a waste of time since you don't have anything to take, and (unfortunately for you) sounds like don't have a source. But probably better in the long run since you don't know what you are doing anyway.

Stanozolol has been used by athletes for decades, especially by sprinters. This steroid has been known for giving sprinters more speed as well as allowing them to train harder and for longer due to quicker recovery from using Winstrol. A famous case known by many people is the sprinter Ben Johnson who broke the 100m world record, he tested positive for Winstrol and had his record removed. Football players as well as basket players have been known to use Stanozolol. Athletes looking for speed and strength as well as faster recovery often opt for Winstrol as its out of the body fast and so there is lower risk of being tested positive for Anabolic Steroids and also because the weight gains associated with Winstrol are not to high which is another benefit. Athletes such as sprinters need to be muscular and lean for achieve good speeds, if a sprinter gained 20lbs from a Ster0id cycle he would not be fast enough.

Winstrol for sprinters

winstrol for sprinters


winstrol for sprinterswinstrol for sprinterswinstrol for sprinterswinstrol for sprinterswinstrol for sprinters