What supplements to take with tren

Some advice:
– First, all the fermented foods you are giving him may be working against his recovery. Fermented foods are very high in amines which can be highly immunogenic. Try also promoting amine clearance with copper/zinc, molybdenum, and choline supplements.
– Bone broth is also high in amines because the proteins degrade into amino acids which become amines with long cooking. Don’t cook broth longer than 3 hours, and consider stopping it. Also don’t serve any old meat.
– The Biokult may also be aggravating the eczema. New bacteria require immune activity, you want to minimize immune activity.
– Try cooking the egg yolks, as this will make the egg proteins more digestible and reduce any egg sensitivity/allergy.
– Try to get a little more polyunsaturated fat in the diet in the form of extra egg yolks and omega-3 rich fish (salmon, mackerel, anchovies, sardines, herring)
– Give him some antioxidant supplements: vitamin C (~5 g/day), glycine/taurine/N-acetylcysteine (for glutathione and bile), mixed tocopherols and tocotrienols (to protect the polyunsaturated fats from oxidation), fruits and vegetables, zinc and copper.

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Studies like the one by Dandona and colleagues from USA (2010) have found that there may be a correlation between low testosterone levels in men and type 2 diabetes. Other studies like the one by Boyanov and colleagues from Bulgaria (2003) and by Lee and colleagues from China (2005) have found that testosterone supplementation may improve insulin sensitivity and blood sugar control if the diabetics have low testosterone levels. An analysis by Ginsburg and colleagues from USA found low incidence (%) of adverse effects of testosterone supplementation over long term. So it may be useful for you as a diabetic to take testosterone supplements if you know that you have low testosterone levels. However, testosterone is a hormone and should be taken carefully after consultation with your doctor.

What supplements to take with tren

what supplements to take with tren


what supplements to take with trenwhat supplements to take with trenwhat supplements to take with trenwhat supplements to take with trenwhat supplements to take with tren