Trenbolone vs npp

i have experience with both and for your goals... NPP all the way. tren is for cosmetics, not the best compound to choose for adding tissue imo. plus it brings with it alot more possible sides to counter that other drugs that are better for building mass dont posses. NPP over tren all day if the goal is to ADD new tissue. if you just want to look good and stay lean then use tren. you wont look as good on npp as when youre on tren but thats not your goal (too look good) its too "bulk" to add more mass that you can condition later on with drugs like tren. its all about goals. but youll be fuller, rounder on npp and nandrolone will increase protein synthesis so you can eat more and more of those nutrients will repair your muscles at an accelerated rate. tren inhibits protein breakdown, so save it for when you are leaning down with restricted calories, just my .02. no use to have to deal with the possible havoc tren can bring just to bulk, seems like alot of effort. nandrolone is easier to handle mentally, same as tren physically ime. but you will enjoy your bulk phase alot more with just test and npp. just my opinion

If LVH from AAS use is nothing to worry about, is there a downside to my low dose TE OR TPP/NPP year round? I know that there are some individuals that have to be on some type of high-dose AAS 24/7 for many years and even decades, examples being Jose Canseco, Hulk Hogan, and Superstar Billy Graham, with each of these individuals not having any type of heart related ailment that I am currently aware of. On the other hand though, the autopsy report of Eddie Guerrero noted that one of his reasons for death was acute heart failure, so I don’t know if this may have been attributed to AAS induced LVH or not.

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Trenbolone vs npp

trenbolone vs npp


trenbolone vs npptrenbolone vs npptrenbolone vs npptrenbolone vs npp