Tren ace or tren enth

Great info for sure. I have the time under my belt but that doesn't mean I'm ready for it. For the first time I'm actually worried about sides from tren, mainly temper and patience.. I decided to consider tren because I didn't want the enth dose to get too high. At the middle of cycle I'll be 1250mg per week. Adding more Mg's isn't always the answer so I was looking to tren to lower intake sort of speak. Dbol dose for me starts at 30 mg's and ends around 60.  Having not been on anything for a while tren isn't going to be an option but still would consider it next year. 

Thanks for the feedback, I am going to shoot you a fr right after I finish this comment. I do have quite a few cycles under my belt, I am of an age where I am seeing TRT on the horizon (not a bad thing, I've been planning this with my doc and don't want to reproduce further). As of right now I am trying to get back to the appropriate practice. I was in a nasty car wreck that threw my out of the back of a pickup truck and almost killed me about two years ago . Fortunately I survived after a week in a coma but there was irreparable damage done to my left shoulder. It will forever sit a little crooked and the range of motion will never be the same. That crushed any real bb'ing dreams because my left and right sides above the waist will never be symmetrical. However, I refuse to let that stop me and for the past year have been training rigorously to get back in shape, do novice competitions, strength competitions and push myself to the all out max.

Interesting stuff, I like reading some of this stuff and finding out what people do pretty cool tbh. Can anyone give me help? I'm looking for information on tren. I'm 16 and I've been lifting for a year, my nutrition was pretty good and i knew exactly what I was doing from the 1st day I hit the gym due to lots of handy research which I constantly do. If Im being honest, I am really not happy with my progress over my first year, I made some gains but not much and It's really disheartening, I want to take tren, maybe not this year but within the next year or two, although I am fully aware of the risks, I just want a boost I still realise that i need to put in the effort but still. I was thinking of a very low dosage of tren, I was reading people do 200mg+ a week I was thinking something like 50mg a week maybe up to 75mg at the most, I dont want really fast results just as long as i get a little boost and i am able to stay as healthy as possible

Tren ace or tren enth

tren ace or tren enth


tren ace or tren enthtren ace or tren enthtren ace or tren enth