Test prop needle size

Platform steps, roof ladders and more, ideal for accessing various working heights The 2005 Work at Height Regulations state that ladders can still be used but advise that they should only be used as a means of getting to a workplace. If they have to be used as a workplace it should only be for light, short-term work. HSS has a variety of different ladders for a variety of different jobs. If you require Ladder training, visit for our Ladder course, created in conjunction with The Ladder Association, from just £150 per person per day.
Also, don't forget to read our tips on Ladder Safety on the HSS blog.

Fit testing of respirators should always be performed with the appropriate fit testing materials. Fit testing kits can be found on our website. Fit testing involves wearing a respirator inside of a hood, and spraying a mist into the hood. The subject, wearing the respirator and filters then breaths in certain patterns and reports if he or she can detect the mist. By doing a proper fit test one can be assured that the mask fits properly. However, fit testing does not indicate that the mask or filters used are effective in the contaminated area. Choosing the right cartridge or filter is critical for any application, and a certified site audit must be completed in order to properly protect individuals from harm.

Test prop needle size

test prop needle size


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