Test prop missed injection

It’s been a while since the Cayman took over as the prime Porsche for enthusiast drivers, the basic 911 evolving into a rather gigantic GT that is longer than the current Chevrolet Corvette. The GTS only reinforces the position with a samurai’s lightness on its feet, seeming to accelerate and turn as if it were 1000 pounds lighter than it is. It’s much closer to what we think an old 1970s 911 with paper-thin doors and pencil-thick pillars should feel like, although the GTS is far less squirmy on its modern, mongo rubber. It could almost be accused of being too capable, the cornering speeds reaching silly heights before the chassis even feels challenged. Sure, buy a McLaren to be a rock star, but get a Cayman if you just need to be someplace quickly and with a smile on your face. Direct, focused, and not flashy, this is the car James Bond would drive home after he parked that circus-prop Aston Martin at work at the end of the day.

Overall I found the Canik TP9SFx to be a helluva buy. It is well made, has a good trigger, excellent sights, reliable with any ammunition (I am sure there is something the TP does not like), fits most shooters hands well and the package makes it ready to take to the range. With the mini red dot plates and installing a quality optics such as the Meopta MeoSight III gives the user a pistol for many applications. If you are in the market for a quality pistol or mini red dot; consider Century Arms Canik TP9SFx and Meopta’s MeoSight III. You will not be disappointed. Once you get the new blaster or optic; get out to the range and shoot accurately, safely and have fun.

If there is any chance of below freezing weather I remove all water from the plumbing system including the water heater tank. Then I will add antifreeze into the piping, valves, drain “P” traps and a little bit into each waste tank. There are many great articles online on winterizing and several viable methods. Last year I needed to do it very fast so opted for my own very quick  method . It uses a lot of antifreeze but worked well. Also remember to remove any other liquids that may freeze and crack their containers to avoid unanticipated messes in the RV. An example would be dish washing soap.

Test prop missed injection

test prop missed injection


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