Test prop half life

The oval-shaped crosshair/reticle of the ASHPD indicates useful information pertaining to the portals. It first starts with a completely blue crosshair, as the first acquired ASHPD can only shoot blue portals. Later, when the ASHPD is upgraded to shoot orange portals, the crosshair is cut in two parts, blue and orange. In Portal , a smaller oval appears next to the side that has been most recently fired, and when the ASHPD is held in front of a surface where portals cannot be shot, only the outlines of the two oval elements are seen. A filled-in outline indicates a suitable surface. When aimed at an open portal, only the part of the crosshair matching the color of the portal is filled. (Thus reinforcing the fact that portal shots cannot be shot through portals.) In Portal 2 the smaller oval does not exist, and the two oval elements fill when a portal has been fired.

Arm models can be switched out separately. Arm model provided by MaxOfS2D. New Content Steam Greenlight We have bought access to Greenlight. We also plan to release Zombie Master 2 as a free game. Though we still have plenty to do till we can publish it. We're focused on replacing half, if not, most of the content currently used in the game. We do have a concept page up for now.
Help Wanted We're looking for character artists for zombies and survivors. Map prop artists to help finish where other ZM2 developers left off as well as design a few original maps. Sound effect artist to replace all of the weapon sfx as well as impact and danger sound effects.

Test prop half life

test prop half life


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