Test prop fever

Oh wow, I did not realize this was a condition. I have a serious problem when it sounds like people are sucking their food as they chew. I was always saying things to my bff in high school, and I say things now to my hubby, he slurps, he sucks in air as he takes a bite, he chews very loud and fast. But it’s not only other people, it’s also when I eat bananas. I want to just swallow it because I hate the sound it makes when I chew. If I am totally engrossed in something else I don’t notice so much, but once I do notice I can’t turn it off. I want ear plugs… actually that’s not such a bad idea.

The US Department of Justice is attempting to take its long-running legal battle with Microsoft over access to emails stored on foreign servers to the Supreme Court. After several delays, the Justice Department tonight filed a petition asking the Supreme Court to take its case. An appeals court previously ruled in favor of Microsoft, finding the the Justice Department couldn’t use a warrant to obtain messages from one of the company’s overseas data centers and would have to request the data through an international treaty process instead.

Saskia’s Dansschool: This incredible dance school in The Netherlands films their talented dancers performing high-energy dances to popular songs. Head to their “ Kids Dances ” section for choreographed routines danced by a group of skilled kids to hits from the likes of  Justin Bieber , Justin Timberlake and Meghan Trainer . These videos have millions of likes on YoutTube and your kids will love playing them over and over again to pick up all the moves (plus many of them even have their own choreography step-by-step tutorial videos!).

Test prop fever

test prop fever


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