Stanozolol and winstrol

  1. Male patients with carcinoma of the breast , or with known or suspected carcinoma of the prostate .
  2. Carcinoma of the breast in females with hypercalcemia ; androgenic anabolic steroids may stimulate osteolytic resorption of bone .
  3. Nephrosis or the nephrotic phase of nephritis .
  4. WINSTROL (anabolic steroids) can cause fetal harm when administered to a pregnant woman.
WINSTROL (anabolic steroids) is contraindicated in women who are or may become pregnant. If this drug is used during pregnancy , or if the patient becomes pregnant while taking this drug, the patient should be apprised of the potential hazard to the fetus .

The Stanozolol hormone can be one of the few anabolic androgenic steroids women can use safely; while it is not the absolute mildest in nature for a woman it is up high on the list. Issues regarding the steroids hepatic nature as well as its effects on lipid profiles remain the same with women but the female athlete must also necessarily be aware of virilization. For the female athlete, the Winstrol side effects revolving around virilization will be the most concerning as such effects can destroy a womans femininity. Common virilization effects include a deepening of the vocal chords, body-hair growth and enlargement of the clitoris. The majority of women who supplement with the Stanozolol hormone, if they keep the dose low and use for very short periods will be fine. If you are a female Winstrol user and you begin to notice virilization symptoms simply discontinue use and you will be fine; nothing will change. It is when the symptoms are ignored, use is continued and the symptoms are allowed to set in that many women develop a problem; remember, man or woman responsible use is always your best friend.

The dose range may vary from person to person. As there are many individuals who are taking this or any other steroid for the first time so they should not start with the above stated dose. They must consult with doctor and then follow the advice given by doctors. If an individual is experienced with steroids of 25 mg then they might be allowed to take 25 mg per day of winstrol. There are other factors also present that can impact your range of dose which are height and your body weight. The increment in the dosage must be parallel with the body weight.

Stanozolol and winstrol

stanozolol and winstrol


stanozolol and winstrolstanozolol and winstrolstanozolol and winstrolstanozolol and winstrolstanozolol and winstrol